Week Thirty one to end October ’12

There were apologies here because I hadn’t kept this up to date.  So some progress now (end May 2013) at long last! Last autumn and winter we really got very busy indeed and keeping this up to date was a task too far.

When the stairs got unpacked it was found that the spindles were the wrong size – which meant that the banister and bottom rail were also wrong.  Replacements were promised in 2 weeks (which I thought was pretty slow for what I strongly suspect are ex- stock items) but in the event took 3 1/2 weeks to come. So by the time the builders came back to install it a full month was lost.  We then had to wait two weeks for the last day’s plastering. This in turn held the 2nd fix electrics of all this area and its decoration.  One way and another we lost 2 months in 2 months. Very unhappy.

But done now

Since then everything has been done – 2nd fix plumbing (some delay because the Multi-Board (instead of tiles – another make is Mermaid) was most unlike the brochure picture, so that had to go back and Simon has done a good job on the bathrooms.  The 2nd fix electrics has been done and the wiring certified.  The MVHR installed and the air flows balanced – and almost everything has been painted (there’s some skirtings which have still to be finished).  And carpets!

We had 2 Open Days – one for the Uttlesford Sustainable Homes Network when all sort of people interested in these things turned up and were able to meet our architect Jenny Bishop, (Green Architect), the main builder Touchwood Homes, the designer  and installer of the heating systems Dragon Contracts and the plumber Simon King. Rod Williams who calculated the Passivhaus heat equations and designed the ventilation was also there. And the following day we had another one for local friends and acquaintances who were interested.  Both days rather passed in a blur, spent talking.

And the following week we moved in (October 25th)!

Sometime!  Happy New Year

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