And why aren’t you connecting to the main sewer?  Been asked this several times.  Well, we would if we could – but the main sewer is the other side of the road, 4 metres down in the front gardens of the houses opposite.  We considered this when we were replacing the septic tank in our present house.  It was going to cost 4 – 6 times as much as a package sewage system – and this was just the cost of laying the pipe across garden and the road (traffic lights etc) and making the connection.  There is then the disruption to the garden of the affected house.  To make the connection we were told that they’d take out a section 3m a side and go down 2m, shoring the sides of the hole.  And then go down the next 2m at 2m a side.  In short, the whole front garden would be destroyed – and what would be the cost of re-instatement, even if permission from the owners was obtainable?  Not financially sensible.  There is  side benefit – there are no sewerage charges (though there are servicing and “de-sludging” charges).

So a Klargester Bio disc it is.  Why (when there are other package sewage systems available)?  At the time of deciding, this uses 50W to drive the discs, wheareas other systems had a higher continous power demand.  See the zero carbon page!

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