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Weeks Twenty-nine and Thirty

Week 30: it wasn’t supposed to take this long!  As mentioned in the previous post, with only one (albeit excellent) plasterer, this phase of the work has taken much longer than originally expected – with the odd day off, extra … Continue reading

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Weeks Twenty-four to Twenty-eight

Got seriously behind with this – sorry.  So four weeks in one.  The plastering – and odd bits of plasterboarding/tacking – press steadily on.  This is taking very much longer than originally expected, largely because there’s only one person doing … Continue reading

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Weeks Twenty-two and Twenty-three

The insulation lorry arrived.  The contains two generators to drive the machine, built into the truck, which fluffs up the Warmcel 500 and then blows it along large bore flexible pipes into the house.  A disc of plasterboard is cut … Continue reading

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Week Twenty and Twenty-one

The log burning stove was delivered (last week – but I didn’t mention it because it came damaged).  The replacement one has now arrived and been installed.  There is an interesting bit of kit associated with it, called a Laddomat.  … Continue reading

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Weeks Nineteen and Twenty

The site is surveyed to see where the phone line should go.  This was more of a learning experience than I’d expected.  It’s not much use asking BT because you won’t find a number to call to say “I need … Continue reading

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Weeks Seventeen and Eighteen

Another rush of progress, but in curious fits and starts.  One moment the site is full of activity, the next there’s hardly anyone here doing anything.  We’ve made it clear that we’re not aiming for a particular date, so we … Continue reading

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Weeks Fifteen and Sixteen

The week after Easter was only a short week, but seems to have continued very busy.  Tacking—putting up plasterboard—got underway.  The intention is to tack the downstairs ceilings first.  This will allow the Warmcel 500 to be blown into the … Continue reading

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Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen

 Got rather behind with this – not keeping it up to date – sorry.  Here goes: OK, things have got pretty hectic.  First was Alex and Andy the electricians arriving—as expected.  What I’d failed to do was ask what I … Continue reading

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Weeks Eleven and Twelve

Two very hectic weeks.  16 sheets of 3 ply appeared.  These are for the soffits of the deep overhangs—please paint them—one side only.  This seemed to be just the job for spray painting.  Lean them up against the black barn … Continue reading

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Weeks Nine and Ten

Not than nothing happened during week nine, but most of it’s happening indoors and photos aren’t very satisfactory.  It’s a bit dark, because the whole roof is now covered with the cladding, even the places where the roof lights will … Continue reading

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