Weeks Nine and Ten

Not than nothing happened during week nine, but most of it’s happening indoors and photos aren’t very satisfactory.  It’s a bit dark, because the whole roof is now covered with the cladding, even the places where the roof lights will go, so that the house is dry (and it makes a difference—in the wet, the nice new clean concrete slab got covered with a layer of mud from boots walking on to it from outside which, as mentioned earlier, had become a quagmire.  That has dried off and we have now been discussing how best to clean it—which it has to be before it can be tiled.)  The studs have all gone in downstairs and upstairs.  We’ve suddenly been put to work—the wood for the bargeboards and fascias arrived and needed painting.  These have been done with barn paint—one coat on the side that won’t be seen, two coats on the outer face.  And some have been put up.

The thermal store arrived.

Thermal Store

Thermal Store

It’s a variant of an Akvaterm Solar Plus but with removable coils.  Unfortunately, the packaging for this large, heavy tank is inadequate, so it has arrived with several dents and scrapes, 3 of which are quite noticeable.  We’re discussing what to do about this.  If you bought a fridge freezer, let alone a car, would you accept it with dings?  I think not.  Should I accept this, costing nearly 10 times as much—nearly as much as a cheap car.  Not that it’ll be seen much in the control room.  Hmm.  I certainly think Akvaterm ought to crate them as routine.  A bit of cardboard and plastic is laughable.



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