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Will we make it to . .

. . the end of August? It’s been pretty grey these last few days and today, 31st August, the forecast is for rain all day.  We had a fair bit of sunshine the day before yesterday and the thermal store … Continue reading

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Update for Summer 2015 – and the PV story

A few words to report what has been happening since the beginning of this year.  I suspect that visitors to the site are now as few and as intermittent as my posts on to it.  But the house is built … Continue reading

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March comes in – sunny!

Amazing what a few days’ sunshine makes.  Now that there’s a bit more oomph in the sun light, the thermal panels heat the water in the thermal store quite quickly, so that within less than a day there’s all the … Continue reading

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Frosty Christmas

Pleased to be able to report that Porters is still performing as we’d expect as far as the house, log burner and solar thermal goes.  In contrast with last winter which was warm, and wet – and so grey with … Continue reading

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Autumn (and Summer) 2013

July, you’ll remember, was very hot.  After a winter that went on and on, there was a very short spring and suddenly we were in summer.  The thermal store got up to 95°C and the solar thermal panels were about … Continue reading

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Weeks Twenty-nine and Thirty

Week 30: it wasn’t supposed to take this long!  As mentioned in the previous post, with only one (albeit excellent) plasterer, this phase of the work has taken much longer than originally expected – with the odd day off, extra … Continue reading

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Weeks Twenty-two and Twenty-three

The insulation lorry arrived.  The contains two generators to drive the machine, built into the truck, which fluffs up the Warmcel 500 and then blows it along large bore flexible pipes into the house.  A disc of plasterboard is cut … Continue reading

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Week Twenty and Twenty-one

The log burning stove was delivered (last week – but I didn’t mention it because it came damaged).  The replacement one has now arrived and been installed.  There is an interesting bit of kit associated with it, called a Laddomat.  … Continue reading

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